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World Record Paddle

World records and good causes are the perfect match. Always have been and always will be. When such a feat is happening just off our local shores at the hands of a friendly local chap, that’s even better.

Damien Rider is attempting a 24hr paddleboard mission and standing strong out on the open waters in service to the upcoming Child Protection Week. The mission is bordering on insanity and the man behind the goal is fierce.

I was fortunate enough to meet and greet Damien at the Coolangatta Surf Club recently. He presented himself so casual it was almost intimidating; a calm demeanour and a generous penchant for no-nonsense conversing.

How long have you been an active participant in child abuse awareness campaigns?

I first made contact two years ago whilst still working. Five months ago this project became locked in.

Is there a specific element to child-abuse which you would like to see addressed?

The taboo and judgement around families, which face this difficulty.

If I am reading this article and experience difficulties such as anxiety or depression perhaps due to childhood experience is there anything I can do?

There are difficulties in finding the most appropriate solution. This is why I am striving to lend a helping hand.

Our chat lasted for nearly an hour. Damien was honest and even shared that for this accomplishment he is training day and night for this kind of insane, but that is just who he is. It was a pleasure to meet with someone who is so set on serving a good cause that they truly are dismissive to all personal and peer doubts.

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