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Rider Foundation

The Rider Foundation aims to raise awareness of the lifelong impact of child abuse and to provide the tools and practical support needed to start healing broken souls and to build a brighter future through health, fitness and wellness.

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Together we can end child abuse and brighten the future of past and present survivors
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Mission Statement
The Rider Foundation aims to raise awareness for the lifelong impact of child abuse and to provide
tools and practical support needed to start healing broken souls and to build a brighter future
through health, fitness and wellness.

  • We understand
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1. Organisation

Company Status

The Foundation is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered as a charity, Public Benevolent
Institution and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient.
The Foundation is located at Casuarina in Northern New South Wale.
The Foundation is governed in accordance with The Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission Act
2012 (Cth)

Key Personnel

Damien Rider - Founder and CEO
Keynote speaker and on the panel, representing survivors during the current Royal
Commission on sexual child abuse.
Key note speaker Safe Children’s toolkit 2018, going to 500 million organisations across
Final baton bearer in the Brisbane 2018 Commonwealth Games in recognition of the
Foundations work on Child Abuse.
An International film of Damien’s experience with the issue and his work helping others with
his second film released shortly.
Brett Addison – PTSD psychologist with 35 years of experience

2. The Community Need
The ABS defines sexual violence as the occurrence, attempt or threat of child sexual assault experienced
The survey found that one in five women (18% or 1.7 million) have experienced childhood sexual violence and
17% (1.5 million) have experienced childhood sexual assault.
One in 20 men (4.7% or 428,800) have experienced childhood sexual violence, with childhood sexual assault
experienced by 4.3% of men (384,000).

3. The Vision
The Rider Foundation has a substantial yet achievable vision to assist victims and survivors of child abuse. The
board is taking a measured yet structured approach to the overall implementation of that vision.
The vision includes:
(a) running retreats for those adults suffering from post-traumatic stress after being exposed to child
(b) developing outreach programs for children that have been exposed to sexual child abuse
(c) establishing mentorship houses where “short stay” young people can be up skilled and develop life
skills to overcome the trauma and live life on their terms, positive.
(d) developing a school where these children can be educated in a safe environment by experienced
and professional staff who are fully cognisant of their background.

4. Vision implementation
The vision will be implemented over four stages.
1. Retreats
2. Capital Works Program
3. Safe houses / Outreach programs for children
4. School

The Foundation is looking for financial support for the implementation of stages one and two.

Stage One

The retreats have been specifically tailored for people that have suffered from sexual child abuse.
The retreats have been developed, over a four year period, in consultation with leading international
and local experts and have been engineered to meet the client’s needs.
Currently the Rider Foundation is focused on implementing the retreats for adults, 25 years of age
and over, whose lives have been traumatised through sexual assault.
The retreats are held on site, are run over a five day period and are facilitated by experienced
clinicians and professional staff.
Damien Rider being a victim of child abuse will be an integral member of the facilitation process.
The retreats will be non-discriminatory, however as the statistics show us, the greater proportion of
the attendees will be women.
The retreats will be run free of charge with all costs being carried by the Rider Foundation.

Stage Two
Capital Works Program

Concurrently a capital works program will be undertaken to build a gymnasium and pool.
These works when completed will have a two-fold impact:

• Retreat attendees will be able to access the facilities where specialised exercise programs
can be developed;
• In the bigger picture the facility will be open to community membership and will provide an
additional funding source for the Rider Foundation. All profits generated by the facility will
be channelled back into the Rider Foundation utilising its DGR status.


The Rider Foundation is affiliated with a commercial luxury wellness, spa and fitness resort.
The resort will provide funding to the Foundation through its commercial activities;
1. Café
2. Yoga Centre / Day Spa
3. Weekend fee paying guests
4. Retreat fee paying activities

Anticipated annual surplus from commercial activities

RetreatsYear 1
Year 2
Year 3
Resort Income50100150
Sundry Income from Sponsorship and event activities
Grand Total Income225445680

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